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ACT on living wages

ACT is a groundbreaking agreement between trade unions and both global brands and retailers to transform the garment, textile and footwear industry and achieve living wages for workers through collective bargaining at industry level, freedom of association and responsible purchasing practises.

The ACT Purchasing Practices Surveys by Brands and Suppliers 2021 report provides an important window into the complex business relationship between ACT brand members and their suppliers, offering an assessment of the purchasing practices of some of the world’s biggest fashion and retail brands and shows how the brands involved are making good progress against the ACT Commitments.

This data heavy report was produced in partnership with carnstone, following ACT brand guidelines and features bespoke illustrations by Stephanie Wunderlich.

ACT Purchasing Practices Report cover
ACT Purchasing Practices Report intro spread
ACT Purchasing Practices Report members spread
ACT Purchasing Practices Report key findings