Entain Social Impact Report 2023

Digital / Report Design
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Taking the lead on issues that matter

Entain – one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups – have put sustainability on an equal footing to their growth strategy. They embrace their role within society and want to take the lead on the issues that matter to them – sustainability, diversity, and responsibility – with a strong belief that the most sustainable business in their industry will be the most successful. This is reflected in their sustainability strategy, which outlines their ESG leadership ambitions across four pillars.

The work of the Entain Foundation supports this sustainability strategy and plays an integral role in delivering against these four pillars to Lead on Player Protection, Provide a Secure and Trusted Platform, Create the Environment for Everyone to Do their Best Work, and Positively Impact our Communities. The work of the Foundation supports safer betting and gaming, grassroots sports, diversity in technology and projects with a clear link to the communities in which they operate.

Whilst the design purposely aligns with online sustainability content for consistency, a bold and dynamic graphic approach was also developed to present the projects and initiatives central to the work of the foundation with a fresh and energetic narrative.

Designed for Carnstone Partners Ltd, a management consultancy specialising in ESG and sustainability, working as part of SLR Consulting.

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