Identity and Brand Development / App UX

Everyone’s Business

Everyone’s Business is an app that helps retail colleagues identify and report potential human rights risks during supplier site visits worldwide.

Employees, including designers and quality assessors, who may lack human rights expertise often visit these sites regularly. This app is tailored for them to use during supplier visits. Since these colleagues visit suppliers more frequently than dedicated human rights experts, they can discreetly observe, ask questions, and report concerns using a straightforward set of yes/no questions. This prompts them to consider their observations and share any concerns with internal experts.

Initially developed for garment and footwear manufacturing by carnstone, (a management consultancy specialising in ESG and sustainability, working as part of SLR Consulting), with help from four leading companies – M&S, Pentland, Next and Sainsbury’s – the app now covers four of the biggest sectors in the world: garment, pharma, building materials, and food and farming.

Progressive web app (PWA) development by Quiet Science. Brand development, app UX, graphics, and over 100 icons representing country key issue and on-site question prompts by nineteenseventyone.