Three Hands Insight

Brand / User Experience
Three Hands Insight UX mock up

Creating business value

Three Hands Insight applies the Three Hands mantra of creating business value and social value, hand in hand, to customer insight and innovation. They believe that inclusive business means products, services and customer experiences that work for everyone; and that ‘vulnerable customers’ is far from being a niche customer group.

Created in 2019, Three Hands Insight recognises that charities, and the people they support, can provide insights and ideas of huge value to businesses. Their aim is to help companies to better understand, and support, any customer who is vulnerable or underserved.

Whilst maintaining Three Hands brand consistency, the user experience for the Insight website was designed from the ground up, incorporating a fresh, bold and approachable look, that utilises striking typography, illustration and images of real members of their Lived Experts Research Community.

Site build by spicy apple.

Three Hands Insight homepage UX
Three Hands Insight Lived Experts Research Community page UX.